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Flavia Da Rin

Flavia Da Rin

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Distrito 4 presents the Exhibition of Flavia Da Rin , one of the emerging internationally recognized artist of photography. Her works can be placed between tradition and transgresion, they are self portraits of herself that introduce us into a ficticional universe through different characters that in reality are represented by herself in all cases.

The artist takes as a starting point from visual culture that constantly surrounds us nowadays, from television codes, films, publicity, fashion, anime and cartoons. Da Rin introduces us into a world of personal prejudices, vanities and delusions through different fictional scenes that are represented by different characters, its herself that through costumes goes through a performing phase which then is photographed and transformed through photographic techniques to create an imaginary world, full of irony, humor and seduction that make us stop and think about a world filled with these prejudices, vanities and delusions. The possibilities of the characters are endless, although it doesn´t stop being a self representation of the artist, this is a continuous identity search of Da Rin.

The Exhibition is divided in two series, in the upper level of the gallery we find photographs from the series Misterio del niño muerto that has already been exhibited in the gallery Ruth Benzacar in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 2008. This series tells us the fictional story of a boy that died due to an illness, this boy can relate to the Boy with the tin drum of Oskar Matzerath, this makes reference to the superficiality of the art world, each image represented has a present element of satire and irony. The characters represented in the works are all located around this buriel-vernissage of the dead boy, it is a lamentation-celebration that is achieved through the representation on exaggerated big round eyes and huge smiles, the characters are represented from waist up in an imaginary landscape.

In the bottom floor of the gallery we find the series of Una fiesta para sacudirse el terror del mundo, that has been produced for the Exhibition at Distrito 4 and that is exhibited for the first time. In this series, we find characters from stuffed monsters, dwarfs, clowns and characters who disguise themselves as other characters, this way, there is a double performance in a saturated color environment, the shapes are grotesque and the edges appear to be cut with scissors. Da Rin recreates an atmosphere of humor and horror which blurs the boundary between life and death.

Flavia Da Rin was born in Argentina in 1978, she lives and Works in Buenos Aires.
Da Rin studied in the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte (IUNA), ex escuela Prilidiano Pueyrredón during 5 years.
From the year 2001 she has collaborated with Diana Aisenberg.
From 2003 to 2005 Flavia participated in the Programa de Talleres para las Artes Visuales del Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas (UBA- Kuitca).
She has participated in solo and group shows in Museums and argentinian galleries and the rest of the world, she has also participated in Biennales in Busan Korea and Cuenca Ecuador.